Jordan Allen (aka Jordan Bondar) is a young budding musical prodigy in Northern Michigan.  At the age of 14 Jordan has managed to receive rave reviews for his exciting energy and fluid performances that include vo​cals / drums / saxophone / and keyboards.  Jordan is currently being produced by Dharma Records USA.  Dharma Records has released 3 single productions of Jordan Allen over the last few years including his new original composition Siri-ously.  Siri-ously is a pop / Mowtown type sound that has a very catchy story about a teen and his relationship with his cell phone.  Musically and lyrically the song offers the listener 3 minutes of groove with a story line that fills your imagination with the possibilities of robotic evolution.  Jordan Allen is a tight package of talent, good looks and the abilities to have longevity in a current music marketplace that longs for something more than one hit wonders.