In 1971 the fates of the music industry would design a meeting with B3 organist/synthesizer guru Al Bondar and drummer Bob Wise.  The next eight
years would become a special place in time where Al and Bob musically “ran with scissors” and “colored outside the lines”.  They became obsessed to create and design a progressive music that might personify their innermost emotions and feelings that were laced with passion, adrenaline, and certainly some testosterone, as well.  There was an unbelievable atmosphere in a Bondar & Wise concert when the audience would become a part of the songs and the arrangements.  Every show was a new adventure where energies would pass back and forth between Bondar & Wise the crowd and the high energy material they were performing.  “There has been much treasure in the "Live for Today" theory but I still recall B & W living for the Next Note". -Al Bondar