Allen Bondar and Diane Chamberlin have been collaborating musically for the past sixteen years. Songs have surfaced over the course of their relationship and the listener can feel the attachment of the artist to the song, in each performance.  Al and Diane have deep respect and love for great songs, past and present. This love has led them in the desire to cover some of the songs that are close to each of them.  Bondar / Chamberlin have released the "Misappropriated Fun" EP as means to make a mission statement.  "We need to make it known that we are still having FUN making music and we are still hard at work finishing our own albums." "Misappropriated Fun" is a six song EP that features three songs from each of their projects in the making, "Front Page News" and "Under The Covers". As owners of Dharma Records, Al and Diane have a love for spreading the music of artists they believe in as well.